Spray Painting Like the Pro’s, Part Two!

How much thriftier than free can you possibly get? True confessions time. I picked a table out of the garbage dumpster once, when we had our San Francisco condo. One darling little table, came home to be saved by the master of furniture repair projects. We have a half-house, giving these pieces new life…another chance at being…beautiful. Isn’t that all any of us ask?

Seriously, this little, once-upon-a-time, dark cherry wood desk, was being shuffled to the side of the road, when we just happened to be at the right place, at the right time!

I showed off one of the two chairs in my last post, in case you had a chance to drop by. While this isn’t a proper setting to show off this little darling, I didn’t want to move it much, while the paint is still “curing”. But, here she is!…

The Wonder Dog had to be the first to fully inspect things. It’s only right!

Since the old hardware looked great, sprayed silver (formerly brass), I’ll be taking back the new hardware I had purchased.

While I didn’t glue it in permanently, I did have a little bit of extra material to set inside the drawer.

I can see this fitting perfectly into a tween or teen’s bedroom! What a happy color!

Can’t believe that the weekend is already here! We’re having a “Lawn Sale” at Veranda Antiques, Saturday and Sunday morning, starting at 8 a.m., lasting till about noon. It will be a chance for our customers to shop the deals!

I’ll also be doing some experimenting with my new samples of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints! Christmas in July! Stay tuned!

All the best!,

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  1. Love that color! Did you know that college towns are good places to dumpster dive? When DD # 1 was at Kansas University, we found 4 perfectly good Pottery Barn kitchen chairs in a dumpster behind a restaurant? It was a fluke, but we started paying attention, and it seems in May, when college kids move, the rich ones just leave their furniture.Both daughters used those chairs all thru college.

  2. Gorgeous little desk Barbara!! I can also picture it in the right kitchen that does not have a built in desk! Fab color!

    Art by Karena

  3. Now that is an adorable “set”…great color Barbara…and if the Wonder Dog approves, then you know you did good!…Love how you just painted the hardware…great move!…Good luck and have fun at the sale…have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Amazing! And with spray paint, too! I might think about using spray paint for my hutch. The thoughts of rolling it or hand painting it fills me with dread! ugh Have you used your Haven Swag-Bag spray paint
    thing-a-ma-jiggey yet? I can only imagine that it would make life so much easier. Love tis cute color and the pop of pizzazz. The fabric is perfect too. Have a great weekend, friend.

  5. Cindy@ZoeyJune says

    THAT is a spectacular save! So sweet….

  6. Great project Barbara. Love the colr. I have had luck covering a piece of cardboard with fabric to use as an insert piece for projects like that. It just gives it a bit more “longevity”.

  7. Sooo sweet! Love everything about it. The pom poms and the matchy drawer lining with the seat cover are fabulous.

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