Spray Painting Like the Pros!

Months ago, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful home in Sierra Oaks, one of Sacramento’s nicer neighborhoods. I found a number of things to buy, including two small scale, dark cherry chairs, that were in the master bedroom. Do you remember when dark cherry wood furniture was so popular in the 80s? It was the “cat’s meow”!

Later, Lora, the fearless leader at Veranda Antiques, was ready to leave a small-scale, dark cherry desk, on the curbside for free! This was our lucky day! It didn’t take us 30 seconds to say “we’ll take that!”.

Well, tonight I can show you what the chairs look like, but the desk is not quite ready to show her face.


Both chairs are the same, but is this not the cutest chair, ever? It couldn’t have turned out better! Don’t you love it when this happens? Here’s what we did…
First, Bob gave everything a light sanding. Then he sprayed everything with water based primer, using his manly Fuji HVLP sprayer. (The desk has little mail slots and drawers that I would have massacred, with a paint brush!) After another light sanding, he used Dunn Edwards “Love Letter” (DE5047), Suprema Interior Semi Gloss, to spray everything twice, drying completely between coats. He tells me he had to do some boo-boo repairs, where he had to sand out some runs and then feather in a bit more spray paint.

It looks like the chairs once had cane seating, but now, there’s an inch think piece of foam, topped with another inch of batting, cut to size.

Using the old maroon seat cover as a pattern, I ironed under the edges of my new fabric, a half inch and then stapled the fabric to the chair frame.

Now, I was ready to burn all of my fingers, with my trusty glue gun. The pom-pom border was just the perfect color and it covered up all of my staples very nicely.

By tomorrow, I should have all of the desk hardware in place, to show you.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Painting any furniture?


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  1. Oh wow, Barbara, they look fabulous!! Love the color…

  2. What a fabulous transformation! The paint on that chair is unbelievable. It’s cute as can be. I need me a paintin’ guy like yours. “Oh Mr. Bird Nest”…

  3. Debbie Kick says

    oh yea, that is THE cutest chair ever. Those colors are gorgeous. Nice job Mr. & Mrs. W.

  4. Great chair! Love the Pom Pom detail! 😉

  5. Barb….love the chair…the color is fabulous!!…and the fabric is perfect!!…So glad you rescued it!

  6. Nice color Barbara! Very chic and cute. It simply matches your personality. Using spray paint makes the work easier.

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