Diary of a Thrift Store Bed (Or, How to paint a piece of furniture)

Last Week: while meeting with Town & Country flooring, in Truckee, to order flooring for the Tahoe house, we sought out a couple of thrift stores. You can’t make a trip anywhere, without doing this, can you?

The first stop was disappointing, but the Hospice Thrift Store, in Truckee, had a pine bed, for $28, that I knew would paint up nicely. Of course, as with many thrift store finds, it’s missing the hardware to connect the footboard, but the headboard will work nicely, just the same.
A few days later: Now it’s time to have some fun! You might recognize the orange carpet, but I don’t know if you’ve seen the green drapes? Look quick, because they will be gone soon! The paneled walls have been primed, so they can be painted.


Step 1: Clean the bed with a degreaser, like TSP or Simple Green, to give the paint a clean surface to adhere to.
Step 2: After shaking and stirring Amy Howard’s One Step Paint, in Bauhaus, dampen your brush with water and apply first coat of paint.

Step 5: After completely dry, I lightly sanded and dusted the piece and applied clear wax.
Step 6: With a clean t-shirt rag, I buffed the piece and got a nice, waxed finish!

Step 7: Stand back and recognize your brilliance, creativity and vision! All in a day’s work!


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