Find Me At Debbiedoo’s

Do you know my Blog Sister, Debbie, at Debbiedoo’s? She has a Home Tour every week, over at her place and invited me to join in. (You may wonder how she got her name, “Debbiedoos”. Its not because she does all that she does! It’s simply the moniker she earned as a kid, from her […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Ann Marie Gill at Cascade Valley Designs

Greetings, dear friends! We’re going to go a bit off the interior design path today, as I introduce you to a young woman who has impressed me from “Day 1”. (Although, if you’ve been joining me for long, you know I get “off track” on a fairly regular basis.) Today, I’d like to introduce you […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Tina, at The Enchanted Home

Greetings, dear friends! I think it’s safe to say that many, if not most of us, here in Blogville, are a bit in awe of Tina at The Enchanted Home. She has a special contract with the “gods of time” and has negotiated a deal where she actually gets 48 hours in each day…when the […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Barbara Dettweiler from Haus Design

Greetings, dear friends! Once again, we look into the lives of the blog stars, near and far. This week, we’re taking a peek into the busy life of Barbara from Haus Design, who’s busy settling her young family back in the states, after living abroad for some time. Welcome home, Barbara! I’m glad you’re here […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Lindsay and Lindsay from “Sadie + Stella”

Greetings, this fine spring day!, In case you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to the dynamic duo, Lindsay & Lindsay, who write the darling design blog, Sadie & Stella. If you aren’t already confused, Sadie and Stella are the sweet pups, that belong to each of the Lindsay’s. The dogs are even part […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Stacy Curran from Conspicuous Style

Hello friends!, Today, I’d like to introduce you to Stacy Curran, a designer who writes Conspicuous Style. Not one to “toot her own horn”, Stacy is a beautiful young mother, attorney turned interior designer and writer of a blog that gives all the design magazines out there, some serious competition! She packs more beautiful images […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Mary Ann, from Classic Casual Home!

Well, Here we are, in Week 4 of our HBO documentary/series… Today, it’s with great flourish, that I introduce, Mary Ann, of Classic Casual Home. Mary Ann has lead a coveted life as wife, mother, French speaking world traveler, living in a little beach town in southern California, when she isn’t on the slopes of […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Jane Schott, Empress of the Eye

Hello darling! (Yes, that’s really what I say when I greet a friend, so let’s get to it!) This week, on the ratings-buster…. …we are meeting up with one of West Palm Beach’s antique experts and the writer of a favorite read of mine, Empress of the Eye. Drum roll, please! Let me introduce Ms. […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Kim Nichols of Savvy Southern Style

Hi everyone, Last week, I shared all the scoop, about my life, that you were just dying to know! Frankly, I’m surprised “The Enquirer” hasn’t shown up on my doorstep, begging for another, in-depth interview…but they’re still busy following poor Demi around, I guess! Today, is the 2nd installment of the eight week series… Today, […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Greetings dear friend!, Today is one for the blog history books! At least my own personal blog history book! Everyone has one, don’t they? No? Well, I’m excited to be launching the first installment, of my first-ever blog series, entitled… Pretty fun, huh? There will be 8 weekly installments, written by 8 of us. These […]