8 Things You Might Not Know About Lindsay and Lindsay from “Sadie + Stella” March 13, 2012

Greetings, this fine spring day!,

In case you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to the dynamic duo, Lindsay & Lindsay, who write the darling design blog, Sadie & Stella. If you aren’t already confused, Sadie and Stella are the sweet pups, that belong to each of the Lindsay’s. The dogs are even part of the blog’s headder! The quatrefoil wallpaper in the background is so fresh and crisp. The blog’s design was “love at first sight” for me, because it all comes together as a fresh, sophisticated approach to all things home. If you aren’t already a follower, I hope you’ll stop by and see what these gorgeous young things are up to! Take it away, girls!

Well hello there!! We are Lindsay and Lindsay from the blog Sadie + Stella and we’re here to share 8 things you may not know about us. We met awhile back through our boys and bonded over shopping, coffee and our love of everything design. There is lots you might already know about us, like the fact that we have the same name {and initials!} and that we are smitten with our pups {they are our children}. However, there’s plenty that we haven’t shared with our readers before. Without further adieu, 8 things you may not know about us!


My best friend and I placed at a state science fair in high school. I know what you’re thinking: Total. Nerd. We really have no idea how it happened. I swear it’s because we spent countless hours on making our board “pretty” and choosing the perfect outfits for our presentation. We laughed out loud when they called our names; it’s our claim to fame!

My hubby and I dated in 7th grade. Well, dated is a relative term. We talked on the phone for hours about absolutely nothing, he told me funny jokes and I liked it. I think we held hands a few times. We also went to the movies once; it was the highlight of our dating relationship. In high school, I went to a private school; he went to a public school. We didn’t see each other again until freshman year of college. We’ve been together ever since. His funny jokes are what won me over all those years ago, I still love them.

{freshman year of college}


Ok, so I told you the hubs and I were together throughout college. We went to Texas A&M and he was in the Corps of Cadets. Texas A&M has more traditions than Christmas; it truly is a culture of its own. Ross and I had our first kiss at midnight yell on Kyle Field {like a pep-rally the night before a football game in the football stadium}. It was so romantic and so red-ass {an aggie term for “traditional”}. Years later Ross proposed on Kyle Field. Best. Day. Ever. At our wedding the groom’s cake was Kyle Field. As you can see, A&M, and Kyle Field is a very special place to me!

While I love beautiful interiors, fabulous soirees and delicious recipes, my main gig is teaching. I have taught kindergarten the past few years but “graduated” to first grade this year. The children I teach challenge and inspire me on a daily basis. They also keep me laughing. One of my favorite quotes was from when I taught kindergarten. We were about to walk down to the library to go to the book fair, I was explaining to the students my expectations for their behavior, what we were going to do, etc. One child quickly raised his hand and asked, “Mrs. D, how many rides will there be at the book fair??” I responded, “Oh honey, there are no rides, just books”. You would have thought I just told them all their puppy had died. They were not so excited about a book fair with no rides!


My most favorite place in the world is Idaho. Idaho, you say? Yes. Idaho. Our family has a cabin there that my boyfriend has been visiting ever since he was a wee one. I went for the first time last summer and was absolutely blown away by its beauty and charm. Many of you probably do not believe I am the rustic, outdoorsy type. And you would be correct. We have all of the modern conveniences such as a coffee pot and a hairdryer. This is what I call roughing it.

I even learned how to be armed and dangerous. Next thing you know, I will be a card carrying member of the NRA.

I still plug my nose while jumping into any body of water. My boyfriend claims this is an embarrassing fact. I prefer to call it endearing. I know many questions are coming to mind for you right now. Let me just answer them. No, this picture is not of me. Let’s face it, I do not look this glamorous when I am plunging. Too bad we do not have an actual photo of me doing this act. It is forbidden in our household. For you lovelies, I will work on it. Maybe we should insert some water wings here as well? Yes, I can swim people! I really can.

My family childhood nickname is “Saucy”. Let me just stop you all right there. This name was not derived from some cool, elaborate story like you are thinking. The reason they called me “Saucy” is because my little cousin could not pronounce Lindsay. He thought my name was “Saucy” until he was about 12 years old. It stuck.

I am admittedly a Twi-Hard. Yes I am an intelligent, creative, participating adult in society. So what? This is my guiltiest of pleasures. I am fairly certain that I have seen each Twilight movie a good 17 times. How can one resist a love triangle full of vampires and wolves? No spoiler alert here.

We can’t thank Barbara enough for having us over! We’ve loved sharing with you all today! Pop on over to the blog and say hello! We’d love to hear from you! love, L+L

Thanks, girls! And be sure to be here again, next Tuesday, when Barbara, from Haus Design, shares more about her life as a mother, designer and world traveler!

Until next time,

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  1. Karena on March 13, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Barbara the girls from Sadie and Stella are adorable and very fun! Thank you for featuring this dynamic duo!

    Come over to visit, I have a New Giveaway I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

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