What I’d Give for a … Dutch Door!

In case the design fairies are listening, I wish they’d drop a beautiful, rustic Dutch door on our front lawn. It’s on my home design “bucket list”!

If the fairies wanted to unload a cute little shed, with the requested dutch door, for our backyard, that would work fine.

This beauty is wonderful too!

But frankly, if my fairy asked my preference, and I’m sure she will, it would be a Dutch door leading directly into our home. Something about them just says “come on in!”. (When in fact, all they’re probably doing is saying “come in!” to all the flying insects!) No matter. I’ll just spray my beautiful body (!) with Off!



When I get some daylight, I’ll take pictures of my newly painted ASCP nightstand. Mr. Wonderful lugged it back up the stairs tonight and I’m pretty happy with the transformation!

If you’re out cruising the streets, looking to get into some trouble, I’ll be working at Veranda all day. Come see me!



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  1. Dutch doors are lovely. I’d like to see one on a glasshouse or orangery that’s used as a designer’s studio. Rain or shine you would always be in a “magical” space of creativity sharing goodness for yourself and others.

  2. Love it! Great doors.

  3. Too funny Barabara! Again.. out styles our sympatico. A dutch door is on my bucket list as well!!! I would put one in in a heartbeat, but with the style of my house, a dutch door would not be a good fit. Bummer! I’m thinking of moving just to have a dutch door!!

  4. Dutch doors are so lovely and as in the last image can be very elegant as well!

    Art by Karena

  5. We have a dutch door leading out to our back deck & yard and I love it – one of the most endearing parts of our house in the woods.

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