Milk Paint Monday

Way back before Christmas, Mr. Wonderful surprised me with this Craig’s list find. How sweet was that? He knows I love curves and turns, and knew I would love this table and 4 chairs! The table even has a leaf! Of all the dining room tables I’ve found, none ever had their leaf(s)! Can you […]

A Waxing Brush Makes a Difference

Hello my cherishables!, If you’ve read “The Paris Wife”, you’ve heard the word “cherishables” before. I’m the last person on the universe to read the book, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m loving that word! Now, on to more serious matters. Paint and wax brushes. Seriously. Would you try to flip an egg with […]

Painting (Ye Old) Doors, Part II

When Kathryn at Kat’s Kalamities suggested painting the old door panel inserts with chalk paint, I thought “I have to try that!” Plus, the light gray door wasn’t doing anything for me and the brown door needed a little bit of waxing so I had another session with the three doors. Before… After… What’s another […]

Painting (Ye Old) Paneled Doors

Hi there, Where did the day go? I’ve been at the shop now for about six hours, painting three old paneled doors. I got them from a man who was remodeling some old houses. They were pretty sad when I bought them, for $20 apiece. Another Craigs list special! Kind of groadie, huh? I saw […]

All My Notes From Haven (Tips to Grow Your Blog!)

Hello again!, Yes, I know, you’ve heard me say several times now, how great the Haven conference was! Not only did I learn tons of wonderful tips to grow my blog, DIY tips and thriftiness secrets, I met some really lovely women! Now, I added some pictures of new friends at the end, you’ll see, […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s New Color! (and other paint updates)

Hello y’all!, That’s how I talk, now that I’m back from Atlanta! I really wish I had a southern accent! I think they sound so soft and pretty. I think I’ll spend this week, telling you about some of the great product info I learned, at the Haven conference. Today, let’s talk about paint! Are […]

My New Friend, Sherwin Williams

Annie Sloan, move over dear. I need to make room on the shelf for my new friend. Sherwin’s his name. Sherwin Williams. This little beauty is looking lovely, if I don’t mind saying so myself! I shopped at Sacramento’s Madison Avenue store and Craig, the assistant manager, couldn’t have been more helpful! Sherwin sells quart […]

Annie Sloan & My Nightstand

Happy Saturday!, If your looking for a fast furniture fix, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is about as fast as you can get! No, this is not a paid advertisement, but checks are always accepted, Annie. I’ve had this old nightstand next to my side of the bed for nearly 25 years. The top surface was […]

Miss Mustard Seed and Other Inspirations this Past Week

One of the beautiful things about reaching this chapter in my life, is having the ability and most of all, time, to stretch my creative “wings”. I know that if you have kids at home, or a demanding career, or both, there’s little time or energy left for nurturing your creative side. Have you had […]

Getting Fancy(er) with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hello there darlings!, You’d think I was on the payroll at Annie Sloan, considering all the posts I’ve made on the product! Sadly, that’s not the case! It is so darn much fun though, to take something that was in really sad shape and turn it into something I’d enjoy in our own home! This […]

Annie Sloan 2012 American Tour

I was re-stocking my shop at Veranda today and see that I’ve got lots of furniture, painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in inventory right now. These two matching bedroom/vanity chairs are very sweet, painted in Old White. I love how these two counter height bar stools turned out in Emperor’s Silk and lightly distressed. […]