Painting (Ye Old) Paneled Doors

Hi there,
Where did the day go? I’ve been at the shop now for about six hours, painting three old paneled doors. I got them from a man who was remodeling some old houses. They were pretty sad when I bought them, for $20 apiece. Another Craigs list special!



Kind of groadie, huh? I saw old doors used as a backdrop, painted by the lovely young lady who writes the Salvage Collection.



You know how things can change, but I’m thinking about using them tied together somehow, as a backdrop for whatever I have in my window at the new shop. (Now, there’s a clear vision!) If not, I’ll probably sell them or find some other use for them.

It’s 10 after five and I’m headed home. The only problem with doing all this painting, is that it ends up being this time of the day, and I still haven’t showered. Not pretty.


(This is my Dijon mustard door. Until I painted the border the cream color, it looked like a door at the Bates Motel. Psycho!)

Thanks a million times for stopping by!


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  1. they are great painted with chalkboard too.Within the inset…and so fun when you add wood carved trim too…love these and you worked hard

  2. YOU do have vision…and so much energy!

    • I wish I had Kathryn’s ideas about chalkboard paint in the inset. Maybe I’ll try that on one of them. I’m not always sure about my vision, but I do have energy! Thanks so much for saying “hi”!

  3. I’m so happy for you about the shop, and agree that you definitely have a vision. The doors are looking so much better!

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