Painting (Ye Old) Doors, Part II

When Kathryn at Kat’s Kalamities suggested painting the old door panel inserts with chalk paint, I thought “I have to try that!” Plus, the light gray door wasn’t doing anything for me and the brown door needed a little bit of waxing so I had another session with the three doors.





What’s another two hours spent painting? Actually, it was more fun than stripping a poor little table this morning!


Just another Monday, living in the lap of luxury! What did you do today?


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  1. Hi Barbara another project that will be perfect for the shop!!

    Gues What; I just made my burlap wreath…now I just need to find a nicer hanger!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series Featuring Harrison Howard

  2. Barbara they look fabulous!!

  3. Girl they are looking great, you want to season the chalk paint by rubbing chalk all over and then wiping it down..that way when you write on it,your works or chalk doodles will not set in. If you know this already sorry. I have fun with writing messages or playing with designs when I put them in my booth. Thank you Thank you for the high 5…you are a very kind and caring blog friend

  4. Did you ever think that you would be doing so much painting as you are now…I love the doors….they look great Barb!!…So glad that you are having so much fun!!

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