Getting Fancy(er) with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hello there darlings!,

You’d think I was on the payroll at Annie Sloan, considering all the posts I’ve made on the product! Sadly, that’s not the case! It is so darn much fun though, to take something that was in really sad shape and turn it into something I’d enjoy in our own home!

This has been a busy painting week and tomorrow we’ll be taking the goods over to Veranda in the Clampett-Mobile. (The Clampett-Mobile is this ratty old open trailer that Mr. Wonderful has had for years. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the Clampett’s, when they were moving into their mansion, on The Beverly Hillbilly’s, and the name stuck.)

Today, I put the finishing touches on a Duncan Phyfe style desk or vanity and matching chair. (It’s much more fun than the crazy fabric flower I made yesterday!) Mr. W. reinforced the chair seat for me and I had a blast using my new Black and Decker rechargeable screw driver, to put the hardware back on with! Woo-hoo!




I used the Old White, Graphite and Dark Wax on this project. Watch out! I know just enough to be dangerous! Have you tried this stuff yet? How long do you leave the wax on before you buff the piece out? I went to www.anniesloan.com today and am amazed at how little information they share on using the product successfully. The can itself has very little info. How are you supposed to figure this out? Osmosis? Will Annie come to me in my dreams tonight? Stay tuned!

Where ever you’re headed this weekend, be safe and have fun! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. That looks so good. You did just the right amount of dark wax without it getting dirty looking. I have heard leave the wax on just a few minutes to over night on another site. I am too impatient to wait over night, but I do wait a couple of hours.

  2. Barbara Bussey says

    Thanks, Kim! Coming from you, that’s a wonderful compliment. Thanks also for your thoughts on the wax. For me, the buffing is the hardest part.

  3. HI Barbara!
    That desk turned out fabulous!
    Will it stay or go to your new shop?
    I should have read more carefully, maybe
    you mentioned this?!!
    I am going to be in my antique booth this weekend
    swirling things around!

    Take care!

  4. Barbara Bussey says

    Hi Alison, yep, it’s off to the shop. Have fun “swirling things around”! Where’s your shop, in relation to St. Charles? My aunt lives there and I’ll be visiting her before long.

  5. I was just thinking that Kim would know and then I see she commented above!

  6. Debbie Kick says

    Now this here’s the story of a man named Bob…. The desk and chair are gorgeous. Whatever you did you must have done it perfectly because it is gorgeous. Jed and Granny should be so lucky…

  7. You are too funny!

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