Miss Mustard Seed and Other Inspirations this Past Week

One of the beautiful things about reaching this chapter in my life, is having the ability and most of all, time, to stretch my creative “wings”. I know that if you have kids at home, or a demanding career, or both, there’s little time or energy left for nurturing your creative side.

Have you had a chance to explore what earthly experiences inspire you? For me, just about any creative process takes me to another place, whether it’s painting a chair, a canvas, making a necklace, greeting card or even a dog bed! It’s all good.

Since I’ve really gotten immersed in furniture painting lately, I’d like to honor the Queen of Chalk, Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed.

Week after week, I have been inspired by her projects and how she generously shares the secrets of her craft.

She’s inspired me to try what I would have never imagined I could do. I’ve got lots more to learn and I’ll be waiting for more tips from Marian, Kim from Savvy Southern Style and others, with the knack!

Shopping vintage, or antiques. What could be more fun or inspiring? Plus, what a great way to see how the creative process “bites” others and what they do with their talent. Mr. Wonderful and I stopped at Scout Living, in mid-town, after dinner the other night. They have taken mid-century to a hip, new level. It’s a collective, like Veranda, but the inventory is way different. No gold leaf anywhere in sight!

Mr. Wonderful saw a few things he’d like to re-create in his wood shop!

I always enjoy stopping by Fleuri Antiques, when they’re having a flea market in the parking lot, where today, I bought a very distressed silver tray, ($15), which would be perfect for re-creating this kitchen chalk board!


Now, I found this ceiling very inspiring! I’m looking high and low, here at the homestead, for a room to test this look in…or my ability to recreate it! The laundry room seems to be a pretty safe bet, ya think?

I seriously wish I could remember where I found this image and would love to find a wall to try out this look, too! One day…

But, tonight, the winner was Mr. Wonderful, who singlehandedly created a dinner of roasted leg of lamb, gravy, potatoes and broccoli. What a treat!


Sorry about cutting off your head, honey! I was focused on dinner!


What inspires and excites you? Do share!

Until next time,



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  1. How Wonderful to have Mr. Wonderful!

  2. I have got to find an outlet for my painting bug besides painting everything in my house. Lucky you to have a husband who cooks. That would be so nice.

  3. Barbara Bussey says

    Good morning, ladies! Hey Kim, Have you ever thought about renting a space for monthly furniture painting classes? It would be packed!

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