The 7 Steps of Painting Success

Learn The 7 Steps of Painting Success from Barbara with The Treasured Home. Get all the info you need to create the professional finish you want in 7 easy to follow steps!! Are you looking for one easy resource that gives you the steps you need to successfully paint furniture?  Do you struggle with knowing […]

Furniture Painting For Beginners Using Fusion Mineral Paint

Learn all there is to know about furniture painting for beginners using Fusion Mineral Paint!! Today, we are sharing one of our very first LIVE broadcasts featuring Fusion Mineral Paint!  This video is a great one for those looking for information regarding furniture painting for beginners – especially if you are interested in starting with […]

How To Prep Furniture For Paint

Learn how to prep furniture for paint from Barbara with The Treasured Home! These tips will get your piece clean & help you create the best finish possible. Once you learn how to prep furniture for paint the right way, you will begin to create professionally finished pieces you will be proud to own.  Prepping […]

Furniture Painting Supplies Must-Haves!!

Get the practical advice you want about the must-have furniture painting supplies you need before starting your next project! If you are a beginner at furniture painting, understanding what furniture painting supplies you will need and why is super helpful!  Today, Barbara wants to help you get started right with her list of favorite furniture […]

Friday Night Happy Hour Furniture Painting 101

Join Barbara with The Treasured Home for Friday night happy hour and a quick Furniture Painting 101 Class! This live tutorial will get you started painting with Fusion Mineral Paint in no time! Are you ready to jump into Furniture Painting 101??  Barbara with The Treasured Home wants to show you how easy painting furniture […]

Let’s Talk About Paint…and More!

Greetings, from our home away from home! Not for long though.  I head back in the morning.      I feel slightly guilty, having been away from the shop for a week!  Well, maybe more than slightly! The Catholic-guilt/workaholic in me, is the little “twerp”, sitting on my left shoulder and the sweet little fairy, […]

Take a Virtual Tour of The Treasured Home and get a Free Gift!

Our buddies at Google, recently created a virtual tour, of the Treasured Home.  And since we’ve done business with so many of you, over the last three years, that will never have the chance to see our shop, I thought we should share it with you, up close and personal. Right or wrong, we don’t […]

Featured Blogger: A Junk Chick Life….Paige’s Furniture Transformation, with “Eulalie’s Sky” MMS Milk Paint

Yes, those are my feet, at 7:57 a.m., this morning.  Those feet are supposed to be at the gym right now, but I’m giving myself the week off from a schedule.  I’m getting so much done!  All the things that fall through the cracks, when life goes too fast. But, back to the story!  This […]

Another Antique Vanity and More News!

Hello Treasured Friends!  In February, we were fortunate to sell a record number of furniture pieces!  We shed a tear or two, as they went to new homes! But, we now have room to display a couple of new pieces, like this beautiful vanity. We gilded the drawer fronts and moldings with silver leaf.  We […]

Milk Paint Adventures and Other News

By now, I hope you have all met Jill.  Here she is, working on our latest conquest! This vanity, that could double as a desk, if you like gazing at yourself in the mirror, has been appropriately named, Atlanta. Believe it or not, this is the vanity Mr. Wonderful’s mother, Atlanta, sat at each day. […]

Milk Paint Monday

Way back before Christmas, Mr. Wonderful surprised me with this Craig’s list find. How sweet was that? He knows I love curves and turns, and knew I would love this table and 4 chairs! The table even has a leaf! Of all the dining room tables I’ve found, none ever had their leaf(s)! Can you […]