Another Antique Vanity and More News!

Hello Treasured Friends! 

In February, we were fortunate to sell a record number of furniture pieces!  We shed a tear or two, as they went to new homes!

But, we now have room to display a couple of new pieces, like this beautiful vanity.

We gilded the drawer fronts and moldings with silver leaf.  We also layered milk paint over chalk based One-Step, for more depth to the finish.  Love how it turned out!

Don’t you love the beveled tri-fold mirror?

Don’t I make a great model?  We found these  eye masks and neck pillows, that can be heated or cooled!! If you have trouble sleeping, I finnd that the eye masks help.  Plus, they make me look like a movie star, don’t you think? They make a great gift!

If you love vintage creamers like I do, we have a small new collection!

I  am always amazed  by the silk flowers on the market, today.

It’s hard to tell the real from not-so-real!

We had a hard time finding a nice selection of stencils at the local craft stores, so we brought in a line.  The display is a work in progress!

We also love two new Amy Howard products.  The furniture sealer is an alternative to waxing and can even be used on floors.  We brought the matte finish in and compared to other lines we’ve used, we’re thrilled that we got no brush strokes, with this product.

Amy Howard’s Embossing Cream allows you to create raised surfaces with stencils.

Don’t you love our new old baby tub?

The vintage grain sack fairy dropped by my laundry room and left a pile, for me to soak, spot and press.  This is my favorite, of the new batch!

Well, if I haven’t put you to sleep yet, I hope you have a wonderful, treasure* filled weekend!

* “Treasures” can be found everywhere.  The best ones are supportive, loving friends and family!


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  1. Oh my gosh the no brush stroke sealer is exactly what I need.
    The embossed look for stenciling sounds perfect for so many things!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      There’s a satin sealer, too, but that isn’t in yet. The matte’ sealer just has a very slight sheen…similar to a waxed finish.

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