Milk Paint Adventures and Other News

By now, I hope you have all met Jill.  Here she is, working on our latest conquest!

This vanity, that could double as a desk, if you like gazing at yourself in the mirror, has been appropriately named, Atlanta.

Believe it or not, this is the vanity Mr. Wonderful’s mother, Atlanta, sat at each day.  It is really a beautiful piece of furniture, especially since it has been painted with two shades of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  

The drawers offer plenty of storage  and we decided to leave the original hardware alone.

We’ll be showing you the finished piece later this week, once completed.  I’m really proud of the work we’ve done on Atlanta.  I think that the original Atlanta would be pleased with the vanity’s new look as well.  

If you didn’t make our special milk painted stool class, we have another project, that you should cconsider!!  

This was a great class  and the results were terrific!  I hope you’ll join us for our next special project class. Again, we’ll be painting a raw, solid hardwood piece of furniture.  

You’ll learn all about milk paint, from start to finish, including distressing and layering waxes! Take home a quality, hand fiished table, for $125.  Sign up at www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes/

Next up, we’re introducing a new product line in March!!  What do you think about the  rug pictured above?  Well, it turns out, it’s a line of vintage style vinyl rugs!  They’re padded and won’t slip.  The corners don’t curl up and best of all, they’re durable and washable, with a soapy rag!

There are a million pattern and size options, so I’m bringing in a couple of “rugs”, along with a sample swatch kit, for you to place special orders from.  These mats are perfect for kitchens, baths, laundry rooms…or in the living room above!

This company also offers a beautiful selection of pillows!  I’m only bringing in a couple of my favorites, because I swore that I’d never try to sell another pillow!

Cute, eh?  Pricey little devils, but I love them!

Well, that’s all for now, friends.  Make it a great week!


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  1. Lisa Vassios says

    The vintage vinyl rugs are FABULOUS! A wonderful look & very practical. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Those pricey little devils are the best man cave pillows I have ever seen!
    I cant wait to see the new rug swatches.

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