Furniture Painting Supplies Must-Haves!! January 18, 2019

Get the practical advice you want about the must-have furniture painting supplies you need before starting your next project!

If you are a beginner at furniture painting, understanding what furniture painting supplies you will need and why is super helpful!  Today, Barbara wants to help you get started right with her list of favorite furniture painting supplies.  These are here must-have’s!  They will save you time, money and frustration as a new painter.  Let’s take a look at what she recommends.

This is the best list of must-have Furniture Painting Supplies! Perfect for the beginner furniture painter! #thetreasuredhome #fusionmineralpaint #furniturepainting #paintingsupplies #beginnerpainter

First, let’s go over Barbara’s Must-Have Furniture Painting Supplies:

Spray Bottle for water

TSP by Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint – A pint is a great place to start and will cover quite a few pieces of furniture.  Fusion has a shelf life of 7 years, so you will have lots of time to use it up!  Although, we are pretty sure you will love it and be back for more in no time!

Beeswax/Hemp Oil Finish – Fusion Mineral Paint does not require a top coat, but Barbara likes to add Fusion’s Beeswax/Hemp Oil Finish.  It will add sheen and an extra coat of protection.

Wax Brush – You can also apply your wax with a lint free cloth, but a Wax Brush will give you the best coverage.

Aging Wax – This is a favorite product of Barbara’s, but not a “must-have” to start out with.

Shop Towels

What about Barbara’s Favorite Paint Brush Options?  Let’s take a look at what she likes:

Paint Brush Option #1 – This is an economical choice when choosing a paint brush.

Staalmeester Paint Brush #35 Option #2 –  The Staalmeester line of paint brushes is a high quality long lasting option.  This is a basic size that will meet most needs.

Small Artist Brush – Having a small artist brush on hand will help when getting into tiny nooks and crannies.

Staalmeester Round Sash Brush #14 – You can use this size Staalmeester for small spaces and wider surfaces, alike.  It’s a great multi-functional brush.

Staalmeester Flat Brush #15 – The Staalemeester Flat Brush #15 is the perfect size for most projects and offers a classic feel for those who prefer not to use a round brush.

Now, for Barbara’s TOP choice for favorite furniture painting tool:

4″ Microfiber Roller with frame – Using a microfiber roller will give you the smoothest finish possible!  Plus, this one tool will cut your painting time by at least a third.  You still need a brush to finish tighter & smaller areas, but a fabulous roller is an amazing tool when painting furniture.  Read more about Finishing Furniture with a Roller HERE!

Watch as Barbara shows you her favorite Furniture Painting Supplies:

If you are a local reader, be sure to check out our current Workshops & Classes by heading over to the page by clicking HERE!!  We would love to give you some hands-on furniture painting experience.

BUT – if you aren’t local & still want to get your hands on these Must-Have Furniture Painting Supplies, you need to head over to our Online Fusion Mineral Paint Store by clicking HERE!!  All orders ship at a Flat Rate of $9.49 and everything comes right to your door.  We will even support you as much as we can via telephone, email or Facebook Messenger.  Just Ask!!

Shop for all of your Must-Have Fusion Mineral Paint Furniture Painting Supplies HERE!!

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