How To Prep Furniture For Paint

Learn how to prep furniture for paint from Barbara with The Treasured Home! These tips will get your piece clean & help you create the best finish possible.

Once you learn how to prep furniture for paint the right way, you will begin to create professionally finished pieces you will be proud to own.  Prepping your piece is so very important simply because paint will not stick to dirt.  So today, Barbara is going to show you how to prep your furniture for paint using her favorite Fusion Mineral Paint products.  Let’s take a look at what she used & why!

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Supplies you’ll need to prep your furniture when painting with Fusion Mineral Paint ~

Mineral Spirits – The piece in this video was rubbed with an oil, so Barbara used mineral spirits in addition to TSP to make sure all the grime was off before painting.

TSP from Fusion Mineral Paint

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Sand Paper – This is only necessary if you are trying to smooth out any uneven surfaces on your piece.

Watch as Barbara shows you How To Prep Furniture For Paint!

Just a few tips from Barbara ~

Always remove any hardware before you begin cleaning your piece.

Paint does not stick to dirt, oil and all the other grime on a piece.  You have to remove all of that debris before you apply your paint in order to get a professional finish.

Go over your piece multiple times to make sure you have gotten it completely clean.

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  1. Hi: I’m wondering if you stock the General Finishes Milk Paint products? Their website lists you as a place to buy.

    Thank you!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Sorry for the slow reply! We have discontinued General Finishes. We have asked them to remove us from their GF web site. We have carried Fusion Mineral Paint, for almost a year now and our customers love it. If you haven’t already purchased GF, check out http://www.thetreasuredhomeshop.com

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