How To Distress Furniture the Easy Way!!

Find out how to distress furniture the easy way using beeswax! This is the best distressing technique for beginners and seasoned furniture painters!

Have you ever wondered how furniture painters create those lovely distressed pieces that resemble vintage treasures from times past?  If so, you are going to love today’s tutorial from Barbara!  In this LIVE video, Barbara will show you how to distress furniture the easy way by using a Beeswax Distressing Block from Fusion Mineral Paint.  Let’s get started by going over the products she used for this tutorial.

Learn how to distress furniture the right way using the best furniture paint brand and furniture painting supplies!! This is going to change the way you create vintage home decor pieces for your shop or home. #thetreasuredhome #distressedfurniture #furniturepaintingtechniques #paintedfurnituresupplies #bestfurniturepaint

How To Distress Furniture – The Supplies List

Beeswax Distressing Block from Fusion Mineral Paint

Linen from Fusion Mineral Paint (Base Coat in video)

Putty from Fusion Mineral Paint (Top Coat in video)

Sanding Paper

Ageing Wax from Fusion Mineral Paint

Clear Wax from Fusion Mineral Paint

Watch below as Barbara shows you how to distress furniture the easy way!

Tips from Barbara’s How To Distress Furniture Tutorial:

Use your Beeswax to create a resist between the layers of paint.  Place the Beeswax in the high areas where a piece would naturally distress over time.

When you are distressing your piece with the sand paper, use a light hand and be careful not to sand all the way through to raw wood.  The Beeswax should make removing the top layer of paint easy, so there’s no need to overdue it.

Always be sure to clean your piece with a de-greaser like Fusion Mineral Paint TSP before you start painting.  Paint does not stick to dirt.  A clean piece will help ensure a professional and durable finish.  Learn more about properly prepping furniture for paint HERE!

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