Yoga Mat for Sale on Craig’s List

Following, is one of my most widely appreciated blog posts! If you missed it the first time around, you must take a minute, to enjoy! Yes, I know that this is not a joke blog, but it’s cold, wet and grey here and this made me laugh, which is something we can all use, from […]

New Buffet at The Shop

Hello darling!, Do you ever notice that all of the wrinkle creams advertised in the magazines, are typically modeled by 17 year old women? If I’m not mistaken, I believe I’ve aged about 13 years over the last six months! My wrinkle cream can’t keep up! Cripes! Opening up a shop is not for wimps! […]

Imperfect Hearts, New Annie Sloan Color, Questionable Craig’s List Purchase & My New Veranda Find

It’s been such a fun-packed week, so far, that I haven’t even let the rain and grey skies bring me down. First of all, I always love a craft experiment project, so, I’ve had fun making little heart pillows for Veranda’s Valentine’s Day Party, this Sunday, 10:30 till 5:30. Due to some other commitments, I […]