New Buffet at The Shop

Hello darling!,

Do you ever notice that all of the wrinkle creams advertised in the magazines, are typically modeled by 17 year old women?

If I’m not mistaken, I believe I’ve aged about 13 years over the last six months! My wrinkle cream can’t keep up! Cripes! Opening up a shop is not for wimps!

Since my milk painted dresser sold in the first 8 seconds, after the store opened on Saturday, I needed a replacement…quick. My new BFF, Jennifer, came to the rescue! She’s a natural whiz with the chalk paint and a real doll!

Isn’t she a beauty? I’ll show you how she looks, once it’s in place and all dolled up.

And almost as noteworthy, I have joined a select group of brilliant women, (about 967,000 of us) who have glued our way into the record book, making a paper cone wreath out of a perfectly good book.

Finally, Jini, (my body guard) and I, picked up a really charming dresser today, thanks to my friend, Craig and his List. She’s (the dresser, not Jini) waiting patiently for a couple of coats of Grain Sack MMS Milk Paint. She asked that I not photograph her in the “nude”. I figure that showing her a little respect is the least I can do!


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  1. Wow! Had to read the post twice to catch it all….sounds like the shop is a great success! Yippee! Wrinkles can be smoothed out…like the new painted dresser! Keep it going Barbra!! 😉

    • Sorry, I misspelled your name…that’s Barbara!! 😉

    • Hello sweetness,
      The first day was terrific, due to an email blast that I did. The second day was much slower. My signage needs a lot of work and I need to continue to spread the word. Nothing is a guarantee, but the comments I’m getting are very positive. I’m taking my vitamins and saying my prayers!!

  2. Lisa Vassios says

    Love, love, love all the inspiration of your “Treasured Home”!
    Wish I could have payed a visit while I was in town 🙁
    …next time!!! Continued success Barbara!

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! Coming from the Design Queen, that feels great! Kevin absconded with your chair, but thanks for thinking of me. I’ll bet you’re glad to have that job finished!

  3. stunning dresser!

  4. Love the buffet & can’t wait to see the new one painted in grain sack;)
    I am anxiously awaiting time to paint some of my furniture(we homeschool, so I need to wait for Thanksgiving break)
    However, I love seeing pictures of furniture before and after. Deciding what color is the most difficult for me. Is that hard for you? I tend to always go neutral, but I love color!
    Also, what wrinkle cream do you REALLY use? You look great!

    • Martha, you are so sweet! You need to look at close up shots! I use stuff found at Costco or the drug store. Very fancy! Ha! Oil of Olay, Roc, often trying something new. Home schooling would have been wrinkle inducing for me! Homework was bad enough!

      When painting furniture, I usually choose neutral, whether tan, cream, grey or black. I think we’re less likely to grow tired of them and everything goes with them.

      Then, keep in mind, Sometimes, you have to be a little daring. And remember, you can always paint over it!

  5. HI! Barbar, hope your shop sales keep chiming…checkin on my airline flight to head home.. Glad this sold so fast…I will say some time try a Ombre look on a dresser with many drawers(4-5) They sell well…and when I get home, I have so many projects, wish I had some of your elves to help me…Take care and wrinkles…I know what you mean, I know I look like my Mom, and I do not mind,But I would like to do it with less wrinkles..

  6. The new buffet is a beauty….you are going to be a very busy lady painting away, keeping up with the demand of your beautiful things!!!….

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