Estate Sale on the River

Oh my! I absolutely love a good estate sale and today, Lora, the Head Honcho at Veranda Antiques called, to let me know there was a great one, close to home! I dropped everything and made a “bee line” for this wonderful home on the American River! Does the picture give you any clues as […]

Replacing a Recessed Light with an Antique Pendant Light

If you were here for my last post, showing you the fruits of shopping for my spring wardrobe at Target, you might remember that I mentioned that I’d rather buy something new for the home, than a new designer sweater. That’s me. Everyone sets their priorities differently. There’s no right or wrong. Only a few […]

New Chalk Board

A few weeks ago, I spied a cool chalk board at a shop in the area. Mr. Wonderful said, “I can make that!” Before I knew it, I had one just like it! He finished it today, and we’ll be able to give tomorrow’s shoppers a last minute reminder about Sunday’s first-ever “Veranda on the […]

My New Friend, Sherwin Williams

Annie Sloan, move over dear. I need to make room on the shelf for my new friend. Sherwin’s his name. Sherwin Williams. This little beauty is looking lovely, if I don’t mind saying so myself! I shopped at Sacramento’s Madison Avenue store and Craig, the assistant manager, couldn’t have been more helpful! Sherwin sells quart […]

Bringing History Into Your Home with Vintage & Antique Pieces

One of the things I find so fascinating about vintage and antique pieces in the home, is that they have this wonderful history. I wonder what kind of home the piece was in…if it was a happy home, filled with love, or something else. Was the item purchased as a special gift, for a wedding […]

How To Shop an Estate Sale

When I’m sourcing treasures for my shop, I search high and low, at antique shows, garage sales (usually quite sparse in potential, but you never know!), Craig’s List and at estate sales. I love a good estate sale! Although sometimes, it makes me a bit sad that some of the personal treasures, like military medals […]

New Custom Pillow Series, Honoring “Tangerine Tango”, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012

In honor of Pantone’s Color of the Year, for 2012, (yes, I’m a bit late on this!) Tangerine Tango, I thought it would be appropriate to start my series of custom pillows for the year in just such a color palette.

At Veranda Antiques this Weekend

Greetings, friends! Big things are happening at Veranda Antiques! Fran’s taking more space, here in the cottage, bringing more fun painted furniture into the place! Come check it out. I’ve got my latest restoration projects in the shop and looking good, if I don’t mind saying so myself. I’m heading down to San Diego to […]

Foot Stool Re-Do #2

As the self-appointed foot stool expert, (having recovered 2 now, in two weeks!), I’m back with my newest DIY project. I found it Sunday, at the Sacramento Antique Fair. It came with the board and the leg base. It was a pretty straight forward project and what I really like is that the legs are […]

How to Add “Poof” to a Cushion

Hello again! Thanks so much for stopping by! On a recent buying trip, I found this cute little foot stool, that someone had carefully recovered! The only trouble was, that it was missing its “poof”! There’s a simple fix, for poof-less foot stools or chair seats, covered in fabric. As you can see, in the […]

Imperfect Hearts, New Annie Sloan Color, Questionable Craig’s List Purchase & My New Veranda Find

It’s been such a fun-packed week, so far, that I haven’t even let the rain and grey skies bring me down. First of all, I always love a craft experiment project, so, I’ve had fun making little heart pillows for Veranda’s Valentine’s Day Party, this Sunday, 10:30 till 5:30. Due to some other commitments, I […]