Foot Stool Re-Do #2

As the self-appointed foot stool expert, (having recovered 2 now, in two weeks!), I’m back with my newest DIY project. I found it Sunday, at the Sacramento Antique Fair.

It came with the board and the leg base.

It was a pretty straight forward project and what I really like is that the legs are old. The first foot stool project was nearly new, in comparison. I imagine that at one time, the wooden sides were completely covered. But I like the look of the wood, plus I lack the skill, at this point, to move to Upholstery 1-B.

So, again, I cut a 1″ thick piece of foam to fit the wood and then covered the foam with the batting.

Then, after making sure that the fabric pattern was positioned correctly, which I didn’t do on the first stool, I stapled the corners in. This makes for tighter corners I found.

Then, I simply stapled the rest of the fabric to the wooden board and Mr. Wonderful screwed the upholstered board to the leg base.

I took it for a “test-sit” tonight, while playing cards, by the fire, with the Mister. Now, the big decision is whether to keep or to sell at Veranda!

It looks kind of puny, sitting there all by itself. Maybe I should have done a close up, so you could appreciate its “beefiness”!

Happy Weekend!,

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  1. some wood is just meant to be. love that you recognized that with this little guy! great fabric choice!

  2. I love the old wood on that stool. Cute.

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