Lay-Away Original Art

Did you know that most artists will allow you to buy their art, in a series of payments? It’s true. The art of Steve Sekhon and Jarl Forsman, will be on display at The Treasured Home, just a while longer. If there’s a piece of art that you’ve had your eye on, now’s the time […]

“Meet the Artists” Preview

Hi there, dear friends, I barely slept a wink last night, thinking about my to-do list for Thursday night’s Meet the Artist event. You know how it is, when you are getting ready to throw a party, you worry about everything! I ask myself, will anyone show up? Especially, since it’s supposed to rain part […]

The Ruralist (New Shop at the 57th St. Antique Mall)

Greetings, dear friends!, As Mr. Wonderful puts the finishing touches on tonight’s barbecued chicken, I thought I’d tell you about The Ruralist, at 57th Street Antiques, here in Sacramento. Tom Kurth and his partner, opened the shop just a couple of months ago. Tom used to share space with me and a few others, at […]

A New Artist at The Treasured Home!

The shop has only been opened for a few months and already, I have met so many wonderful women! One such person is Charmaine Austin. Original pastel: $125.00 She always has a smile on her face and talks from the heart. 6×6″ oil: $35.00 She’s truly a versatile artist! She sculpts, and creates using whatever […]

What I’ve Learned About Ironstone

Greetings!, Are you one if the millions, who love ironstone china? Count me in! I brought home my modest collection from the shop this week, because it just wasn’t selling. I attribute that to two things. 1) I’m not be buying it right (price wise) or, 2) people don’t know it’s history, or appreciate its […]

Santa’s Been to the Shop (and FREE shipping for MMS Milk Paint!)

Hello dear lovelies!, true to form, I have a shop update for you. And just in case you’re local, it will hopefully encourage you to visit the shop, for Saturday’s Open House Party! The mimosas would be enough for me…but that’s just me! Well, along with the wind and rain, came Santa and his eight […]

New at the Shop

Will you do me a huge favor? If I am boring you with what’s going on at the shop, will you please tell me? It’s sort of all that I focus on these days. Yes, my daily activities seem to fall into one of the following: 1. Looking for things to sell 2. Painting things […]

ABC Carpet & Home

Hello again, from the “Big Apple”! Today, we’re going to make our annual pilgrimage to ABC Carpet & Home. The place takes up two large old buildings, across the street from one another, on Broadway, in New York City. One building is all about floor covering. I skip that. The furniture and home accessories are […]

Puppy Love (New Staffordshire Doggies for the Shop)

I’ve been wanting a pair of porcelain Staffordshire terriers for some time. Here’s a little history I’ve found… Starting in the 1700’s, Stafford, England became known for its porcelain. The town was located close to the natural materials needed and by the late 1800’s, had become a world center for pottery. The dogs, made to […]

Shopping for the Shop, Part 2

I’ve been suffering from some pretty annoying insomnia, these past days. It’s all about the new shop! I’m getting hooked on ibuprofen p.m.! I lay in bed at night, listening to the crickets sing outdoors in the night and think about nothing but the SHOP! Enough, already! I’m heading over there shortly, to talk to […]

Dreaming of My Work Shop

As the weeks pass, the vision I have for The Treasured Home gets clearer. It’s a slow process, but what’s important to me, is that the vision is as uniquely “mine” as I can possibly manage. I saw this image in my on line adventures and love the table. Mr. Wonderful is going to make […]