New at the Shop

Will you do me a huge favor? If I am boring you with what’s going on at the shop, will you please tell me? It’s sort of all that I focus on these days.

Yes, my daily activities seem to fall into one of the following:
1. Looking for things to sell
2. Painting things to sell
3. Arranging things to sell
4. Selling
5. Not selling
6. Eating
7. Sleeping
Wanna be my friend? I’m not terribly interesting, but I mean well!

Okay, now that I’ve finished with all that, let’s get back to talking about the shop. Whoops! I need to add that to the list. 5a.?



Isn’t that a pretty tree!? Can I hear an “amen”? Well, you had better like it, because that will be the only tree you’ll be seeing at the Wonderful’s this year! (like that…the “Wonderful’s”? This is one of the things I love about blogging. I can just make up stuff like that!)

Let’s see…what else is new?

I absolutely love my new (pretty darned old) farm table, with an enamel top!

The new cowhide rug makes me feel like I’m ready to saddle up! That a way, Bessie! I wonder if she’d mind me strapping on that cute little overnight case? Sure, why not?


I put some flowers in the bottle carriers, before leaving tonight. Hold on…there’s more…I think!

Now, check out the first pillow I’ve made, using the old French ticking (that blue and white striped number!). It’s like a canvas and I was told (of course I believed it!) that it was old French ticking from a feather bed. Well, I believe the feather bed part, because I had feathers everywhere! The fabric isn’t in perfect shape, but it’s much better since I soaked it in Oxi Clean. I’ve got a fair amount of the fabric, so there are more to come!

Well, besides the pillows, I have some new ironstone and this sweet little S/P tray. (That’s antique store lingo for silver plate.) 🙂
Oh, and last but not least, Betsy arrives home tomorrow night! Woo-hoo! The poor thing has to cross the country with millions of other holiday travelers! Oh dear!

Yes, that’s my little baby, on the far right after a recent West Point rugby game. (just the sport every mother hopes her daughter will play!). I’ve got her favorite chocolate/oatmeal cookie batter, ready to go, sitting in the fridge. Will that make up for the rotten flight? Probably not, but I’ll keep looking for ways to spoil her! We miss her (deployed Navy) brother and his wife and are putting a care package together for him, that will go out soon.

Here’s to gratitude and world peace!



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  1. What deal did you make and with who to get more hours in your days? Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Your days sound like mine. I love that table.


  3. I am so happy that your daughter will be coming home for Thanksgiving!!..I am sure you are so very excited…your shop is looking so wonderful…I love the tree!…and I am lusting after that enameled top table…just the table I am looking for…for my potting table!…Have a “wonderful” Thanksgiving with your beautiful family Barbara…

  4. Every time I see your shop I see something new! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Enjoy! 😉

  5. The shop is looking beautiful. I am happy that your daughter is coming home, you must be excited. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. I love hearing about and seeing your shop and what is new. A dream of mine is to have a little shop of my own like yours to put my hand painted and hand made items in so when I read your posts I am living vicariously. I am going to drive over one day soon to see it all in person as soon as I can. Thanks so much for sharing it all. Pamela

  7. Debbie kick says

    The Wonderful tree is so beautiful and a great eye catcher as you drive by! Maybe it is just me but I’m personally fascinated with all that you do and all the comings and goings of your shop. I can’t wait until you can show Betsy. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. That’ll the Wonder children for their service.

  8. Oh I would so love to be able to come and visit your shop. I see lots of pretties. I hope business is rocking for you. Happy for you your daughter is coming home. Enjoy your family time together. Many blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving. xxoo

  9. I’ve always wanted a shop of my own so I am living vicariously through you. So no, I’m not tired of hearing about the shop. Thanksgiving blessings and Happy Black Friday.

  10. Barbara that tree is gorgeous!! I also love all your new shop items! So happy your daughter will be with you!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Giveaway from Scalamandre!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Barbara! Enjoy your time off!!

  12. love love the shop…me no I do not want my own shop,why because I was in retail for 38 years…I already have worked so many days of 10,12,14 hours or 7 to up to 30 days in a row….nope been their and done that…BUT a number 2 to jump in and help and be their…and enjoy customer service of which I used to train how…you bet……love love love what you have done…and it you ever do a little tree…little frames with black and white vinatage pics…and simple burlap …but tree into a bucket or old 5 gall crock….fun to sell as a unit….

    • How did the vintage fair go? Hope it was a great success! I’ve got lots to learn at the shop, but that’s ok. Don’t think I could do it for 38 years. Lets see, how old would I be? Ha! Dead?

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