Dreaming of My Work Shop

As the weeks pass, the vision I have for The Treasured Home gets clearer. It’s a slow process, but what’s important to me, is that the vision is as uniquely “mine” as I can possibly manage.

I saw this image in my on line adventures and love the table. Mr. Wonderful is going to make a similar table, to use in the back of the shop for a workspace, or place to conduct small crafting classes. The entire look of the room is gorgeous, to me. I also covet the shelving, to hold fabric or other treasures. And how about the light fixture?! Well, use your imagination, because here’s a picture of the space, as it looks now. An 850 square foot rectangle with about as much charm as our garage refrigerator!

The vertical blinds will be left open, if not removed and a black and white striped valence will hang across the top of the window. The flooring will be replaced with a dark walnut colored laminate. The walls will be painted a light “greige” and the counter height cabinets along the back wall will be painted in a smokey forest green chalk paint, with peg board and open shelving above. I ordered a ginormous white enamel sink for clean up and there will be space for a second sink if needed later.

As far as lighting is concerned, I’m going to downplay the fluorescent tube lights and have a chandelier in the window, lit 24/7. There will be other lights, including this hanging light from Ike’a.

Of course, there will also be table lamps, here and there.

There will be furniture pieces, and my vintage pillows, will be displayed in a wonderful old, chippy, spindle baby bed. Art and mirrors will be found along with treasures for your home and small gifts for a friend or yourself!

All the classes are going to be fun and paint will always be nearby, in case you want to dip a brush and see just how milk paint goes onto a piece of wood. As you know, the MMS Milk Paint line will be in stock in just two weeks at Veranda Antiques, followed in late October, at The Treasured Home, as well.

Thanks for joining me, on the journey! And have a wonderful late summer weekend!


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  1. I’ve never developed the skill that you seem to have to take a blank space and create your vision. Your workshop is going to be wonderful, on line adventures aside! 😉

    • our brains all work differently and I’m sure that you are proficient at other things that I’m not. I doubt my place will look like the photo pictured, but it’s as much a feeling as a look, I’m striving for. We’ll see how close I get! 🙂

  2. got and idea if you ever get tired of this ceiling. I had an office that had this effect..and the tiles were…a bad look…I found a fabric bolt,cut next wrapped the tiles,staple and put them back in…my hubby is Director of transportation for local school system…his office as extra large tees from many of the school they serve wrapped around the tiles…..So as you area moves forward…If you ever want to play…love your vision and have a great weekend

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