Introducing “Spray Bob”

It was a quiet day at The Treasured Home. I think most shoppers were in line at the grocery store and getting ready for family. So, I was able to get some work done. This cute little chest of drawers needed some trim work, distressing and waxing. I also waxed this great little side table […]

Spray Painting Like the Pro’s, Part Two!

How much thriftier than free can you possibly get? True confessions time. I picked a table out of the garbage dumpster once, when we had our San Francisco condo. One darling little table, came home to be saved by the master of furniture repair projects. We have a half-house, giving these pieces new life…another chance […]

Spray Painting Like the Pros!

Months ago, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful home in Sierra Oaks, one of Sacramento’s nicer neighborhoods. I found a number of things to buy, including two small scale, dark cherry chairs, that were in the master bedroom. Do you remember when dark cherry wood furniture was so popular in the 80s? […]