Lots of Good News!

Happy beginning of a new week, to you! We’ve all heard about being open to opportunities, to “open doors” that lead to new adventure. I feel like I am at that place, right now. Let me give you an example. Like everyone else, I had heard about the soon-to-be-released, milk paint line, by Marian, aka […]

Spray Painting Like the Pros!

Months ago, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful home in Sierra Oaks, one of Sacramento’s nicer neighborhoods. I found a number of things to buy, including two small scale, dark cherry chairs, that were in the master bedroom. Do you remember when dark cherry wood furniture was so popular in the 80s? […]

Painting Everything In Sight (Trying Out New Painting Tips)

Warning! If you stand still, in one place, for too long, I just might paint you! It’s a furniture painting marathon over at my workshop, this week! What else are you supposed to do, when it’s a hundred zillion degrees outside? I repainted these two pieces because the lattice piece got banged up, when it […]