Changes at the Shop!

Hello and Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Forgive me if this annual past time doesn’t make my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t tell the difference between a running back, or a full back. I do know that the quarter back has the ball and they try to get the ball to the end of the […]

New at the Shop

Will you do me a huge favor? If I am boring you with what’s going on at the shop, will you please tell me? It’s sort of all that I focus on these days. Yes, my daily activities seem to fall into one of the following: 1. Looking for things to sell 2. Painting things […]

The Magic of Cabinet Hardware (and my love for Hobby Lobby)

Hello dear friends, Thanks to everyone for your kind words, regarding our “Wonder Dog”. You are all so sweet and your kindness meant the world to me! Yesterday, on my “day off”, I made the trek to Hobby Lobby. I had a long list of things to buy and a trip to Hob-Lob, turns even […]

Progress at the Workshop

I’ve risen up from the blog underworld. That’s the place you go, when you haven’t blogged in a few days. Trust me I have not been sitting idol. One exciting development, is that I completed a drapery (woo-hoo!) panel and love how it turned out! I made this with painters drop cloth and velvet. One […]