A Special Gift!

I got a great surprise today, from friend, Jane Schott, who writes Empress of the Eye. Now, if ya’all been here for long, you know that the hubs is known as “Mr. Wonderful”! What a cool gift! Thank you, Jane! Last January, I enjoyed a great afternoon in West Palm Beach, touring Antique ($) Row, […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Jane Schott, Empress of the Eye

Hello darling! (Yes, that’s really what I say when I greet a friend, so let’s get to it!) This week, on the ratings-buster…. …we are meeting up with one of West Palm Beach’s antique experts and the writer of a favorite read of mine, Empress of the Eye. Drum roll, please! Let me introduce Ms. […]

Touring West Palm Beach & Antique Row

What a wonderful day for antique lovers, in West Palm Beach! It all started at the Brass Scale Antiques, where Jane Schott is the shopkeeper and also a blog-buddy. Her blog is called Empress of the Eye. She keeps track of all the gorgeous pieces that come into the shop, thanks to Judy, the proprietor. […]