Touring West Palm Beach & Antique Row

What a wonderful day for antique lovers, in West Palm Beach! It all started at the Brass Scale Antiques, where Jane Schott is the shopkeeper and also a blog-buddy. Her blog is called Empress of the Eye. She keeps track of all the gorgeous pieces that come into the shop, thanks to Judy, the proprietor.
Now, Jane and I had never done more than notes on line and a couple of phone calls, but we became fast friends. I felt like I’d known her for years!20120119-202534.jpg
We walked up and down the “row”, talking to shop keepers about next month’s book signing with the authors of “Patina Living”, at Lars Bolander’s gorgeous shop.
He also has a shop in NYC and being from Sweden, you can see the influence in his shop. 20120119-203110.jpg20120119-203143.jpg20120119-203205.jpg20120119-203220.jpg20120119-203234.jpg
The entire street has some of the most beautiful inventory I’ve ever seen in one place, outside of Europe and at pretty reasonable prices, overall. I’ll let you scroll down through the rest of my shots, that will hopefully give you an idea of what I’m talking about. 20120119-203644.jpg20120119-203659.jpg20120119-203708.jpg





How about an American Colonel Sanders weather vane? (Oops!! He’s a few shots back!)

Jane, thank you for being such a wonderful shopping buddy/tour guide! If you’re a pillow “nut” like I am, see her pillows on line at her blog or any day, at the Brass Scale. They really are one of a kind and exceptional!
Hope you enjoyed this mini West Palm Beach shopping tour and that you’ll have the pleasure of visiting in person one day soon!

Happy trails!,


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