Let’s Talk About Paint…and More!

Greetings, from our home away from home! Not for long though.  I head back in the morning.      I feel slightly guilty, having been away from the shop for a week!  Well, maybe more than slightly! The Catholic-guilt/workaholic in me, is the little “twerp”, sitting on my left shoulder and the sweet little fairy, […]

Milk Paint Monday

Many people ask, “What’s the difference between milk paint and chalk-based paint? They really are two very different paints. While neither paint requires priming, stripping or sanding, chalk-based paint is a liquid product that just requires a clean, smooth surface and a good mixing, prior to use. Chalk-based paint has a built-in primer. It will […]

Quick Fix! (Magazine Basket Make-Over)

Greetings!, I scoured the antique fair here in Sacramento, today! It’s a monthly event, under the freeway and I always try to go. The only disappointment about today, was that I missed the Karmelkorn concession! I found all sorts of treasures including this little magazine basket. I knew it had possibilities and that the teal […]

Ceiling Fan Make-Over

Greetings! If you were here last week, when I decided to turn my shiny brass ceiling fan into a an updated gorgeous ceiling fan, I have good news! As you may recall, I got in way over my head! After some help from Mr. Wonderful and some research on the Internet, I found that my […]

DIY Project Fiasco

Is there anything in your home that bugs you, every time you look at it? I see my “thing” every day, when I go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. For ten years. It’s the ceiling fan in our bedroom, complete with polished brass. The problem for me is the polished […]

Foot Stool Re-Do #2

As the self-appointed foot stool expert, (having recovered 2 now, in two weeks!), I’m back with my newest DIY project. I found it Sunday, at the Sacramento Antique Fair. It came with the board and the leg base. It was a pretty straight forward project and what I really like is that the legs are […]

How to Add “Poof” to a Cushion

Hello again! Thanks so much for stopping by! On a recent buying trip, I found this cute little foot stool, that someone had carefully recovered! The only trouble was, that it was missing its “poof”! There’s a simple fix, for poof-less foot stools or chair seats, covered in fabric. As you can see, in the […]