What’s New at The Treasured Home!

   Greetings!  I hope that this beautiful fall day finds you well!   While new treasures seem to arrive daily, our focus right now is finding fun new pieces to make your holiday home extra gorgeous.  They’ll make their debut, in time for our Vintage Holiday Market, Sunday November 1st! Having vendors at the shop […]

A Customer’s Kitchen Cabinet Success Story

I love it when customers send me pictures of their success stories!    Quite a make-over, right?  There’s nothing more timeless than a white kitchen! Or, in this case Amy Howard’s Bauhaus Buff!  Bravo!  Job well done! This is a wonderful example of what you can do to transform the heart of your home, while […]

News Update, from The Treasured Home

I’m back…two days in a row!  What gives?!    Well, I’m excited to say that half of the spaces available in the Vintage Market have been reserved, by some very talented artists and treasure hunters!  I’ll share more with you, as soon as I can, but I’ve been very pleased by the interest! To make […]

Stenciling Fabric Drapes

A few years ago, I discovered the versatility of painter’s drop cloths.  They make great slip covers and curtains, just for starters.  When the shop was ready to open, I stitched a taupe velvet, to the bottom of a drop cloth and hung it as a room divider.  Got lots of “oohs and aah’s” on […]

Meet Amy Howard, at The Treasured Home!

Since we can’t all go to Memphis, Tennessee, to learn about furniture painting, from Amy Howard, she’s coming to us, in a live streaming video class, on a big screen, at The Treasured Home! I learned so much from Amy, at her studio in Memphis and will be heading back for an advanced finishes retreat, […]

News from The Treasured Home

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well, this Wednesday! If you have admired this beautiful, antique beveled mirror, the marble topped console table, or Patti’s two stunning antique chairs, great news! They’ve all had their price tags trimmed substantially! Speaking of Patti, she just joined the ranks of Bionic Women! Today, she had knee replacement surgery […]

Our First Christmas, on Hurricane Bay

As they say, Home is where the heart is. This was our first Christmas, celebrated in the home we’re restoring on Lake Tahoe. If you’re looking for beautifully finished rooms, this is not the place! Not one room is finished, but we relished the chance to spend time with our son and daughter. We sat […]

Lake Tahoe Restoration Update

Ever feel over your head? I sure do! There seem to be thousands of choices, as we remodel this place. I want it all done yesterday, which can sometimes be a problem! The exterior really needed a paint job, so that was a major decision. Choosing paint colors can be so daunting! I really like […]

Meet “Blanche”, Our New Dresser!

Let me make the introductions! This is Blanche. She just completed her make-over, here at The Treasured Home. She’s Southern, as you might expect, with a name like “Blanche”. She talks with a bit of a twang. I’ve always wished I was Southern. Then, I could say things Southern women say, in that Southern way. […]

Amy Howard’s One-Step Over Fabric

Easy Upholstery Update

Big News for the New Year!

The Treasured Home’s Plans for 2014!