Meet “Blanche”, Our New Dresser!

Let me make the introductions! This is Blanche. She just completed her make-over, here at The Treasured Home. She’s Southern, as you might expect, with a name like “Blanche”. She talks with a bit of a twang.

I’ve always wished I was Southern. Then, I could say things Southern women say, in that Southern way. You know!? Yall?

Now, Blanche doesn’t open up to just anyone, but she wanted me to show you her surprise! She may look simple and refined on the outside, but if you look closely, you’ll see she’s been waxed with Diamond Dust, giving her a subtle sparkle. And with the hot pink, painted on the inside, you can see she’s spunkier than you might have expected.


Blanche is very high class! With dove-tailed drawers, she’s built to last another 100 years, or at least until your daughter leaves home! At just $225, she’s priced to sell, so come see her soon!

She even has sisters, that will be getting their Make-Over’s soon! Stay tuned for more Southern Girls!


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