New Buffet at The Shop

Hello darling!, Do you ever notice that all of the wrinkle creams advertised in the magazines, are typically modeled by 17 year old women? If I’m not mistaken, I believe I’ve aged about 13 years over the last six months! My wrinkle cream can’t keep up! Cripes! Opening up a shop is not for wimps! […]

Planning Ahead for the Holidays (Making a Winter Pinwheel)

You may say that I am “jumping the gun”. But the thing that makes the holidays so stressful, is that it all comes at once! Plus, having a retail shop during the holidays is going to bump everything up a notch! While at the gift show, I saw all sorts of paper crafts that I […]

Creating a Personalized Wedding Card

This afternoon, a dear young couple we’e known for a while, are getting married! Heather and Joaquin! Woot! Woot! Having asked the appropriate probing questions, it sounded like money would make the best gift. So, rather than just going to the card shop and dropping a check inside, I wanted to make it a little […]

4th of July Banner

As I mentioned yesterday, Stacey at Conspicuous Design, is letting me guest post at her wonderful blog soon, about decorating for a 4th of July party. I started out yesterday, creating my deluxe paper cone wreath, for the front door! I was so excited, by what 2 hours, a ton of paper and glue could […]

Sharing Crafts With a Friend

Good day! Friday afternoon, I met with the Paper Craft Fairy, aka my dear friend, Debbie, to try out pinwheel making, following the excellent tutorial found at The Lovely Cupboard. According to me, everyone should have a craft buddy. It could be anything artsie, whether it’s paper, oils, fabric or beads. It’s all good! Any […]