New Lighting Line At Cost Plus

If you’re thinking about updating your home’s look for holiday gatherings, or just your own enjoyment, World Market (AKA Cost Plus) has a brand new lighting line and a dining chair sale, that I find note-worthy. Lower-end, big-box retailers like Target and World Market are experts at taking a trend popular at their big brothers, […]

Lighting for our Guest Room

Good day dear friends, For ages, our guest room has only had one nightstand and one lamp. I know this sounds horrific, so I recently decided to remedy the situation. It’s not a big room, but should two people stay there, it certainly is nice to have a place to set a cup of coffee, […]

Our New (Vintage) Alabaster Accent Lights

You may recall about a month ago, when I purchased alabaster sconces/light covers, from One King’s Lane to replace two nondescript sconces in our family room. At the time, Mr. Wonderful didn’t understand why I would spend a fair amount of money on something I couldn’t see in person before buying, or return if I […]

Custom Lamp Shade #2

You may recall that I recently attempted to make a lampshade for my newly acquired vintage lamp. The only problem was that the I ended up with a lovely “shabby chic” lamp, and no offense, but that’s just not my style. So, I thought about painting the shade. Free hand? Not talented enough. Plus, it […]

Shabby Chic Give-Away!

As you may know, I’m involved in a long-term “love affair” with lamps! I hesitate to mention this on line, knowing disclosures like this may come back to haunt me one day, but… I visited one of my favorite vintage shops last week, on Palm Avenue, in Carmichael. There, I found a stunning lamp! It […]

H. D. Buttercup, Now in San Francisco

One of my all time favorite home furnishing collections can be found at ABC Home and Carpet in Manhattan. Well, the husband and wife owners of ABC divorced, so the husband went to California and opened a 100,000 sf store in L.A. Six months ago, the San Francisco store opened and I finally had a […]

Confessions of a Lampaholic

No, there’s no 12-step program for lampaholics, but why would you need one? For me, lamps are a design accessory, not just a functional appliance for your home. While recessed ceiling lights are everywhere these days, they won’t “doll” up your home (or make you look as good) as a beautiful table lamp. I love […]

Exquisitie lighting

Last night, we enjoyed a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant, Townhall, built of brick, after the 1906 earthquake, in San Francisco. It was originally a marine repair facility, and the bricks used to build it were charred from a fire during the quake…probably previously used in a demolished building. A local artist was exhibited […]

ABC Carpet and Home

When I walk through the doors of ABC Carpet and Home, I’m transported to another energy level. You’d think that with a name like ABC, you’d find a boring, nondescript store with more of what you see everywhere else. Just the opposite, as a matter of fact! ABC is in two massive buildings in Manhattan […]