Confessions of a Lampaholic


No, there’s no 12-step program for lampaholics, but why would you need one? For me, lamps are a design accessory, not just a functional appliance for your home.

While recessed ceiling lights are everywhere these days, they won’t “doll” up your home (or make you look as good) as a beautiful table lamp.

I love old table lamps from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Here’s a darling lamp I found for my kitchen counter. It had years of dust and a long, grimy white cord. I set about cleaning the lamp with a mild soap and water mixture, using q-tips to clean the flowers.  20110426-103904.jpg

Then, my dear husband/handyman replaced the old white cord, with a shorter dark brown cord, to blend in with the countertop. Once that was completed, I tried different shades. .
Nope. I don’t think that this is what I had in mind. How about something like this?

Much better! My $100 investment is so much more unique than most of the lamps I find in stores today. I’ll bet it could tell some stories!



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  1. Great lamp and isn’t it nice to have an “in house” electrician? My hubby is good at rewiring lamps, too.
    The flowers remind me of zinnias…so cheerful. Happy lamp hunting and happy New Year.

  2. Oh yes; I love lamps too–I could have done another posting just on my addiction/love for lamps and shades! Thanks for posting–have a great 2012!

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