Mini Changes at the Lake House

   My brother took this photo, of Lake Tahoe, on May 24th.  If you haven’t seen it in person, Lake Tahoe is a national treasure and I hope you’ll add it to your “bucket list”!   Half of the lake is in the state of Nevada and the other half is in California.   I’ve […]

Happenings at the Lake (Remodel Update)

Greetings, from sunny, warm, Lake Tahoe! If you have connections with the Rain and/or Snow gods, please put in a good word for us, here in California. We’ll take either! If all goes as planned, which it never does, the wood floors will be installed upstairs, next week. Yes, that’s wood, under the tarp, in […]

Diary of a Thrift Store Bed (Or, How to paint a piece of furniture)

Last Week: while meeting with Town & Country flooring, in Truckee, to order flooring for the Tahoe house, we sought out a couple of thrift stores. You can’t make a trip anywhere, without doing this, can you? The first stop was disappointing, but the Hospice Thrift Store, in Truckee, had a pine bed, for $28, […]

Tahoe Restoration Update

It’s a beautiful almost fall morning, at the lake. I’m sitting in bed, having my second or third cup of coffee, visiting my friends, in blog-land. Mr. Wonderful has been up since the crack of dawn, as usual. We’ve had a wonderful summer, getting a feel for the place. The kids were able to visit […]