How to get a super smooth finish with hemp oil!

Learn how to give your painted furniture pieces a buttery smooth finish by wet sanding with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Hemp Oil. Giving your painted furniture pieces a smooth, durable finish is easy with Hemp Oil from Fusion Mineral Paint.  Hemp Oil is an all-natural, food safe finish that provides a buttery soft feel when applied […]

How To Use Fusion Hemp Oil To Restore Wood

Find out how to use Fusion Hemp Oil to restore wood surfaces and finish your painted furniture pieces!  It’s all natural and safe for indoor use!! Fusion Hemp Oil is an all-natural wood restoring and finishing product that we just know you are going to love!  As you will see in today’s tutorial from Barbara, […]

Milk Paint Monday

Greetings, to another week! I have lots of brilliant ideas. You too? My latest brilliant idea is to feature a different milk painted project, each week. We’ll share some tips and tell you what works and what doesn’t. At least that’s the plan! We’re replacing all of the old hollow-core interior doors upstairs, at the […]

Summer Milk Paint Contest!

Have you been wanting to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint? Here’s your chance to try it for free! It’s easy!  Just head on over to our PINTEREST page and follow along!  For a second chance to win, leave a comment here! This Davenport desk, from the 1800’s, was painted in two of my favorite […]

The Milk Paint Adventure Continues!

Well, this is a first. In just a few minutes, I’ll be landing in Lost Wages, for the second time in a week! This would be really cool, if I was a gambler, Celine Dion’s Nanny, or a pimp. Alas, I am none of these. I am excited to be attending retailer training, for Miss […]

Trying to Fool Mother Nature

They say it isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature. But, I have a new table top, that Mr. Wonderful made, to go on an old, wonderful table base, so I’ve got to fake it! Micki Coles, at Great Walls Supply, on the east coast, is another MMS Milk Paint retailer, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She […]