My Deal of the Week!

This week, I made a great find, at Veranda Antiques, of course! Having 6 sets of china, purchased or passed on to us by family, we certainly didn’t need another, but these were too great a deal to pass up and I love them! Just the dinner plates, TWELVE of them, for $90.00!! they’re great […]

4th of July Banner

As I mentioned yesterday, Stacey at Conspicuous Design, is letting me guest post at her wonderful blog soon, about decorating for a 4th of July party. I started out yesterday, creating my deluxe paper cone wreath, for the front door! I was so excited, by what 2 hours, a ton of paper and glue could […]

Let the Party Preparations Begin!

Hello, hello!, I just asked my friend, Stacy, at Conspicuous Style, if I could guest post on her beautiful blog. I suggested that I could write about decorating for a 4th of July party and she said “Yes!”. Whoa! Now I have to figure out how to decorate for a 4th of July party! I […]

Twilight In the Garden

It’s 8 p.m., on Friday night. My favorite time of my favorite day. May is a wonderful time of the year, here in northern California…before the string of 100 degree days hit. You may recall, I found this new outdoor umbrella at World Market. The floral fabric is colorful and kinda fun! I’m hoping Wonder […]

“Vegetables from an Italian Garden”, at Costco

I’m one of those people that tends to read the cookbook for enjoyment more than to actually create a meal. I don’t know about you but I have oodles of cookbooks, that I hardly ever open. I’m hoping that my newest acquisition, Vegetables from an Italian Garden will be a more hands-on cookbook for me. […]

World Market’s Come A Long Way

Greetings!, While I was out, looking for a colorful outdoor umbrella, I decided to stop in at World Market, formerly known as Cost Plus. While they haven’t really changed the type of things they carry, the selection seems to be quite a bit nicer. Cool jewelry, hats and scarves… …to outdoor or indoor furniture and […]

Easter Breakfast in the Kitchen

Easter greetings to you! We’re starting our Easter morning bright and early, this year. All of you with little ones, anxious to see what the Easter Bunny brought, are up early too! Wrappers flying, fingers sticky, with more energy than a freight train. I remember those days, looking back fondly. Some days, wishing I could […]

My Easter Centerpiece

Greetings! With Easter coming up this next Sunday, I wanted to update our table centerpiece. And since I just received my new blue-and-white porcelain piece from The Enchanted Home new online shop, I was extra happy with a little “retail rush” going on! So let’s get started! If you want to plant two, 3 inch […]

4 Steps to a Beautiful Centerpiece

Mr. wonderful gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, for our anniversary, recently. While I am not a professional florist, my mother was a stellar entertainer. Having lots of dinner parties, and not a lot of money, she always made her own centerpieces. Her tables always looked like a wonderful celebration was about to take […]

Open House at Veranda

What a great day! The morning hours were slower than slow at Veranda. Then, the flood gates opened and the afternoon went quickly. My bother and two of three sisters stopped by as well as the girlfriends above, including Kathleen, Debbie,Eileen, Cookie and Jini. Dorothy, Marcia, Susan, Felton and Karen all stopped by, too. Good […]

Dinner With the Congressman

Well, the dishwasher is humming and we’re relaxed, with our feet up after a great evening, serving dinner to Dan Lungren and a group of lovely people, including Larry Garcia and his wife Chris. The biggest treat was having my dear friend and maestro of entertaining, Moka Davis, in charge of the menu, preparation and […]