Dinner With the Congressman

Well, the dishwasher is humming and we’re relaxed, with our feet up after a great evening, serving dinner to Dan Lungren and a group of lovely people, including Larry Garcia and his wife Chris.

The biggest treat was having my dear friend and maestro of entertaining, Moka Davis, in charge of the menu, preparation and clean up. You know exhausting that can be and to have his help was a real life saver.

Here are some shots of the evening and our yummy dinner. (Back on the diet tomorrow!)

We started with a selection of appetizers, including Moka’s “world famous” crustinis.



Followed by a wonderful, seasonal butternut squash soup…

The photographer (yours truly) forgot to take a photo of the salad greens with a wedge of an onion tart and a sprinkling of goat cheese. Yum!
The Chicken Marbella, baked with green olives and prunes and served over cheesy grits was delicious. The house was filled with an amazing aroma!

Dessert is usually the high point for me and tonight didn’t disappoint! Moka served a dense chocolate mouse, with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, served in his collection of vintage china cups and saucers.


The presentation was just beautiful!
Mr. Wonderful was an extraordinary waiter for our guests and was on his best behavior!

I was able to get through the evening without spilling soup in anyone’s lap!




It was a great evening…sort of like having a town hall meeting in our own home. If you are planning any parties during the holidays and need assistance, now’s the time to contact Moka, at 916/747-6273!



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  1. That looks like a fantastic evening! The main course sounds divine and I love the dessert in the tea cups – how fun. The whole menu is perfect for Fall…
    BTW you did have it right – I do live in Germany – the way I wrote that was confusing! I was just saying it’s a long weekend HERE (since it isn’t elsewhere)…:)

    • Yes, I think the tea cup presentation was a big hit. It got the most ” ooo’s and ah’s ” when we served it! The chocolate wasn’t bad either! There was extra whipped cream, so I piled mine on!

  2. Cynthia Sproule says

    Love, love, love Moka! Miss him terribly! Especially today at the annual Garden Tour. His name came up several times. I’m thrilled you appreciate him as much as I do. Enjoyed seeing your lovely dinner party.

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