This Week at The Treasured Home!

Good morning! I’m a day late, this week. It’s Thursday evening as I sit down to say hello.  Mr. Wonderful is taking Micah on our evening stroll without me, so I get to stay inside where it’s nice and cozy and talk to you! One of my all-time favorite things to do at the shop, […]

A whole lot of painting going on!

Hello Friend! Even though it seemed like I hadn’t painted a piece of furniture in forever and a day, low and behold, I can still do it! One of our many dear customers donated this traditional antique dresser to the shop last year.  It appears to have had a few prior make-overs. Originally, I’m sure […]

Sweetheart Sale at the Shop, this Week!

Hello, friend!, I hope your week is going well!  I spent half of today, thinking it was Tuesday. Good thing Mr. Wonderful set me straight!  Maybe it was wishful thinking…that I wasn’t so behind schedule! Sweetheart Sale! You probably know about our jewelry, but if you’re new to the shop, let me fill you in! […]

This week at the shop!

Good evening, my dear! This is one of those poorly executed blog posts, thanks to a great lack of prior planning!  I spent a good part of Monday and today at the shop.  Kept busy as a the squirrels running around our back yard. You’d think I’d manage to take a few pretty pictures, to […]

Staying dry at The Treasured Home!

Hello sweetness!, I took this photo this evening, before leaving the shop.  Most of the lights were off and I find the photos to be prettier in limited light.  I was ready to head out the door and thought I’d better get some new shots to share with you all. In the back of my […]

Denim Sale, this Week!

Greetings!  Good news!  We’re having a denim sale this week! All denim is 25% off Thursday through Sunday! The brand of jeans all of our customers love…Democracy jeans!  Plus lots more.  Look for the red dot!  This is a sale you don’t want to miss!    See you soon!

Join our Paint Your Own Piece class, this Saturday!

We’re limiting this Saturday’s Paint Your Own Piece class, to just five students! This is an old photo, from the archives.  Pre-masks and social distancing.  Most of these women are still painting furniture and taking classes at the shop! Our Paint Your Own Piece is one of our core classes, that we’ve taught to hundreds […]

News from the shop!

Greetings, one and all!, Well, today is a special day!  Today my mother is celebrating her 99th birthday in heaven.  Happy birthday, mom!  I can’t believe it’s been 19 years, since you  left this earth.  I am one of four “girls” in my family.  Some pretty stiff competition!  It was never Ozzie and Harriet at […]

Mixing it up at the shop, this week!

Hello darling!, How’s life treating you?  Well, I hope! Beyond running errands and going to the dentist, the true highlight of my week, has been getting a few new things in, restocking favorites (like Camp Craft Cocktails, satin pillow cases and puzzles) and restyling our displays! Creating new displays is one of my absolute favorite […]

We’re Back!

Hello friend!, I don’t know about you, but I think I just finished a marathon, called 2020! I know it isn’t all going to be fixed, just because we’re in a new year, but with the vaccine and all, it has to improve soon!  Let’s hope so! Mr. Wonderful and I returned home this afternoon, […]

While the Shop is Closed this Week…

Hello Friends!   The selfie, above, was taken by “yours truly”.  I asked Mr. Wonderful to kindly remove his purple head band, for this quick shot, but he denied my request.  What can I say? We drove over to Homewood ski resort, looking for a place to walk Micah, since the bike trails are covered […]