A Weekend for Scavengers

Greetings dear friends!, How was your weekend? Wonderful, I hope! Are you the kind of person who loves a weekend filled with adventure, friendly people, creative exposure and kettle corn? Yep, I am! Every town, worth living in, has an antique fair. I don’t know why it took me so long to discover ours, downtown […]

Where Did the Week Go?

This week passed so quickly, I’m not sure it really happened. The good news is that it started at the Sacramento Antique Fair on Sunday and I found a number of cool things for the shop, including this old rectangular mirror, shutters and large candle holders. I squeezed in some Craig’s list shopping.. Doesn’t everyone […]

Sacramento Antique Fair…Fun Under the Freeway

I’m not an antique expert, but I know what I love. And there’s plenty of it at the Sacramento Antiques Fair, every second Sunday, under the freeway! At least half the fun, is the hunt! Finding that diamond in the rough, that little nugget I’ve been looking for. Yes, parking is a supreme “pain”, so […]