Hi Hand Nursery Get Away

One can not survive, by painting alone! A day, shared at one of the regions most gorgeous nurseries, is a day well spent. Of course, before shopping for art and antiques, one has to find nourishment and Hi Hand has a wonderful restaurant! Shopping is a natural activity once fed, so we headed for the […]

Twilight In the Garden

It’s 8 p.m., on Friday night. My favorite time of my favorite day. May is a wonderful time of the year, here in northern California…before the string of 100 degree days hit. You may recall, I found this new outdoor umbrella at World Market. The floral fabric is colorful and kinda fun! I’m hoping Wonder […]

Local Landscape Architect & Artist’s Well Loved Home

Last year, I hired the amazingly talented landscape architect, David Gibson, to come by our home and give me his thoughts on what to do with the landscaping in the front of our home. Before leaving, he invited us to come over and see his own home’s landscaping, since he wanted to show me how […]

Our Potted Garden

The outside “look” of our home is just as important to me as the interior. In fact, I think it’s important that the areas transition easily; that what you see on the outside, gives you a hint of what to expect inside. Pottery, properly scaled and placed, adds sculptural interest to our landscape. An element […]

My Favorite Flower

Whenever possible, I love fresh cut flowers in the home. Yes, I use silk flowers as back up, just to bring color, height, or visual interest into a space. While they’re producing some pretty amazing silk flowers these days, you have to make sure they’re always clean and that you don’t over-do a good thing. […]