My Store’s Christmas Display

In just six weeks, my antique and vintage shop, will be opening, right at the beginning of the Christmas shopping and entertaining season! I’m so excited about this new adventure! I had a ton of things I coulda/shoulda been doing, but the paper puncher and glue stick somehow landed in my hands and off I […]

Beautiful Arrangements

While Christmas shopping at Union Square in San Francisco, I saw the beautiful, simple arrangements, that anyone can create. With cedar greens, red berries and white mums, an elegant, simple yet festive look has been achieved. I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze a trip to the flower mart in, before returning home.

Gift Giving for the Home or Garden

If there’s someone special on your shopping list, who loves their garden and/or making their home more beautiful, Hi Hand Nursery, on Taylor Rd., in Loomis, is worth a special trip. But don’t start anything this important on an empty stomach! Delicious lunches and dinners are served every day except Monday and Tuesday. And don’t […]

Festive Sur la Table

If you want a little inspiration to entertain, bake, or try out a new kitchen gadget, stopping in at any of the Sur la Table gourmet cooking shops should do the trick. San Francisco’s store is the chain’s largest volume store, and one of the prettiest, in my opinion. We have our very own store […]

Holiday Plans for Two Empty Nesters

Joyous Noel! It’s Veteran’s Day and already, I’m anticipating my first Holiday season without either of my children in sight. My adult children, 19 and 21. Instead of “crying in my soup”, which would be easy to do…I’m going to rack my brain for some festive things to plan for, sans children. How about having […]