Temptations at Veranda Antiques

Well, I had the pleasure of working at Veranda today and as usual, had a ball! I always meet the nicest people, including my new BFF, Amy! The only problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I usually end up being the best customer if the day. So be it. If that’s […]

Our House…Come On In!

As you might recall, my father passed away recently. Compared to my Mother’s passing, when I sobbed for what seemed like weeks, I’ve taken my Dad’s passing much better. I imagine it’s because he was 89 and had lived such a wonderful, long life. Who knows? My four siblings and I made a quick decision […]

Sacramento Flea Market

Well, Sunday morning, bright and early, a neighbor and I made the trek to the monthly flea market, under the freeway, downtown. I squinted just a little, to try and invasion myself in Paris, on an old cobblestone street, shopping the wares, at one of their neighborhood markets. Somehow, I just couldn’t pull it off, […]