Making a Lavender Wreath (Plus a Little Family Stuff)

It was time for “Monday Night Football”, last night, so I headed to the craft store. I found these really sweet mini grapevine wreaths for $2.99 each, at Joanne’s. Since I buy lavender in bulk, from a farm here in California, I had plenty of it on hand. For me, lavender is one of the […]

Creating a Personalized Wedding Card

This afternoon, a dear young couple we’e known for a while, are getting married! Heather and Joaquin! Woot! Woot! Having asked the appropriate probing questions, it sounded like money would make the best gift. So, rather than just going to the card shop and dropping a check inside, I wanted to make it a little […]

Paper Is This Girl’s “Gold”

In my short-lived life as a design blogger, I’m amazed to see some of you southern women with craft/art/office/sewing rooms as big as Tara’s mansion in “Gone with the Wind”. I’m not sure where all the space comes from, but it’s enviable! I have a dear friend, Debbie, who is a die-hard paper goddess. She […]