News from the Shop!

Good evening, darlings!, While we were walking Micah, the shop manager, tonight, I told Mr. Wonderful that I was going to write a blog post, when we got home.  He asked, “what about?” and I said a bit of this and that. Ready? (By the way, on our Micah walks, Bob holds the flashlight and […]

Lots to tell you about!!

Hello again! Since I  hardly had any response to  the shop job I posted about last week, it’s time to re-evaluate our needs. Instead of asking for the moon and the stars, within every galaxy of the universe, maybe I should just ask for a star or two! If you know of anyone who might […]

We’re Searching for a Shop Manager

Hello lovelies!, As many of you know, Jill, our wonderful manager at the shop for the past six years, has left her position. She was the glue that kept us all on track and so much more! We miss her dearly and it’s time to hire a replacement, especially with the holiday months ahead. If […]

New Virtual Tour of The Treasured Home Shop

We recently had a photographer visit the shop to take updated images and to update our virtual tour!  So if you are unable to visit our shop in person, please browse around virtually through your computer. **Simply click on the image and drag in the direction you want to look. To move forward, place the […]

This Week at the Shop!

Hello there! Thanks for checking in!  As your self appointed Weather Woman, the forecast for the area is simple. Hot and hotter, swinging all the way from 98-100 degrees! What does that mean?  It means that our Summer Clothing Sale arrives at just the perfect time! Last week, women’s clothing, bags and scarves were 20% […]

Week 1 of Our Summer Clothing Sale Starts Now!

Hello friend!, The best time to start a summer clothing sale is when it’s still hot as blazes! Our sale, which includes clothing, scarves and accessories, starts this week! Each week, discounts will grow, as we make room for all the wonderful new fall fashion, set to arrive soon! Baby clothes will be on sale too! […]

Did I say that? My apologies!

Hello again!, Boo-boo:  When someone behaves carelessly.  Usually not with intention and sometimes the result of old age. Yes, I told you that we are teaching the Embellished Terra Cotta Pot class this Saturday, when we are actually hosting the French Flower Pot class! Thank you Jill, for letting me know! This is always a […]

Join Us for Class!

Hello again! Has another week already passed?  Whoa, Nellie!  Let’s slow this train down!  You hear me!? Last Saturday, we hosted our Paint Your Own Piece class.  What a lovely, fun group of women! We’ve been round and round about wearing, or not wearing masks, at the shop.  We’re back to sporting masks, in an […]

This Week at the Shop!

Hello sweetness! I hope your week is sailing by, on water smooth as glass! Isn’t that how it should always be? In a perfect world and all?! Speaking of smooth water, I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook, of my new love for kayaking.  Never mind we’ve had the kayaks now for three years! […]

Paint Update! …and a bit more!

Hello again! Well…guess what? The UPS man must have taken a slight detour, because he won’t be here, with our Paint delivery, til tomorrow, Thursday!  Jeez! It could certainly be worse!  My heart goes out to restaurant owners in Sacramento county.  The county supervisors voted to shut down indoor dining again. In my former life, […]

Let’s Celebrate! Fusion Mineral Paint Arrives Wednesday!

Dear Princess of Paint, Yes, we know.  We have felt your pain. It’s been a long time since our Fusion Mineral Paint shelves have been (nearly).  full. We’re expecting our knight in shining armor (also known as the UPS driver), to arrive with boxes and boxes of  paint, on Wednesday!  We’re sort of making it  an […]