My Store’s Christmas Display

In just six weeks, my antique and vintage shop, will be opening, right at the beginning of the Christmas shopping and entertaining season! I’m so excited about this new adventure! I had a ton of things I coulda/shoulda been doing, but the paper puncher and glue stick somehow landed in my hands and off I […]

10 Things I Love About New York City

Before Betsy started at West Point this summer, we only made one annual pilgrimage to New York City every fall. We love it there and will be heading east again, next month. In honor of David Letterman, who we enjoyed seeing a couple of years ago, I’ve created my “Top 10” list about NYC. 1. […]

Rules to Shop By

Before heading out to your nearby HomeGoods, for some afternoon entertainment, keep a few things in mind. Marshall’s, TJ Max and the like, provide wonderful fun! They’re counting on your impulse shopping decisions to kick in. But don’t fall for it, when the little devil, sitting on your shoulder says, “Oh, lookie! Isn’t that cute? […]

Frugalicious Friday

Just because you’re on a limited budget, doesn’t mean you have to forsake a new perk-me-up for the home, now and then…especially if it comes from Target. A few years ago, when I was staging homes for sale, Target was my home-away-from-home. I could find just about everything under the sun, to give a home […]

Frugal Friday

As a self-described “smart shopper”, I’d like to highlight two of my many favorite spots for savvy shopping. I stopped in at Restoration Hardware’s outlet store, in Vacaville this week. It’s tucked far back into a corner of the center and would be easy to miss, if you didn’t know it was there. But if […]

Flea Markets of NYC…watch out!

Just like millions of us, I love New York City! You can find anything “under the sun” there and the people you meet along the way are half the fun! Thanks to our daughter, who’s been accepted to West Point, about an hour from the city, I plan to visit even more often! I head […]