A Waxing Brush Makes a Difference

Hello my cherishables!, If you’ve read “The Paris Wife”, you’ve heard the word “cherishables” before. I’m the last person on the universe to read the book, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m loving that word! Now, on to more serious matters. Paint and wax brushes. Seriously. Would you try to flip an egg with […]

Decorative Furniture Painting.

Hello there!, I can’t think of anything better to do on a cold, wintry day, than to paint furniture! I do a lot of that, these days! In fact, I recently told a friend that I think we could have world peace, if everyone had a paint brush in their hand. Don’t you think? The […]

Look Up There! (More furniture painting classes scheduled!)

See up there? Yes, that’s it! Up there, at the top of my blog, see where it says “Workshop & Classes”? Well, if you click on that, it will take you to the class calendar. There are now 4, count ’em, four classes scheduled for January 12th and 19th. They’re free, introductory classes, on both […]