While the Shop is Closed this Week…

Hello Friends!  

The selfie, above, was taken by “yours truly”.  I asked Mr. Wonderful to kindly remove his purple head band, for this quick shot, but he denied my request.  What can I say?

We drove over to Homewood ski resort, looking for a place to walk Micah, since the bike trails are covered in snow.  We found a wonderful little street, “Sacramento Street”, to explore.  Very “old Tahoe”, with sweet cottages.

We got a fresh few inches of snow on Christmas night.  Thank goodness Santa didn’t have to fly in that weather!

I whipped out my phone and took some pretty shots, while we walked.  Everything looks perfect, after a snow!

Thankfully, Micah gets us out of the house a few times each day.  I’m threatening to try snow showing for the first time tomorrow.  I hear it’s a bit of a workout!  Uh oh!

Beauty everywhere. I love this old shed, with the blue paddles!

On our way back to the car, we met a young man, Sean, shoveling snow.  Turns out their cabin has been in the family for three generations and his mom, Heather, lives around the corner from us in Carmichael!

As the sun went down later in the afternoon, I ran across to the beach, to catch the beautiful sunset.

Our days are pretty simple up here.  I sleep nine hours each night, we play cards and watch our current Netflix favorite, “Anne with an E”.  I understand it came out a while ago, but we’re enjoying it thoroughly.  At least I am!  Bob goes along for the wild ride!

Thanks again to your generous support, throughout the year.  Thanks also to our wonderful team of shop sisters! The best!  

We’ll be closed until Saturday, January 2nd and look forward to seeing you soon.  Here’s to a peaceful and healthy 2021!  


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  1. Evelyn Bartley says

    Thought you were closed until January 6th?

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