We’re Back!

Hello friend!,

I don’t know about you, but I think I just finished a marathon, called 2020! I know it isn’t all going to be fixed, just because we’re in a new year, but with the vaccine and all, it has to improve soon!  Let’s hope so!

Mr. Wonderful and I returned home this afternoon, from a wonderful week away.  Every night, I slept at least 9 hours!  What a luxury!  I never put on make up and some days I didn’t even shower!  True confessions!

Sadly, the same unanswered Christmas cards were staring at me, that were there on the kitchen counter, when we left.  If there’s anything that can spur some good old Catholic guilt, it’s not sending out Christmas cards!  I had such good intentions!

Now, where was I?  I just wanted to let you know that the shop reopens tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, 11;30-4:30!  

I’ve missed you guys and while I’m away, my head spins with new ideas! I can’t wait to make them happen!

If you love a great deal, all remaining Christmas decor is 50% off!  Stop on by if you can and say hello!

And don’t forget, our January and February class schedule is online  Here!

Near or far, I’m sending my love, big hugs and good thoughts, for a year that fills you with health, laughter, good times and happiness!


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  1. You can still send out your cards. Everyone receiving from you will still enjoy it. Cards let people know we are thinking of them….no timeframe. And this yr some cards are taking a little longer to reach their destination. Your note inside the card is what is important.

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